Ramey Wine Cellars

Ramey Wine Cellars is dedicated to creating high quality, handcrafted wines with balance and richness from the area’s finest vineyards.

Our philosophy is our process:

It’s about respect for the land. Nature guides our process and we listen – closely.

It’s about terroir. The vineyards are selected for their ability to sustainably produce the highest quality fruit. The soil must be right for the climate, which must be right for the terrain, which must be right for the varietal.

It’s about harmony – the marriage of Old World methods with New World innovations.

It’s about a family of wines crafted for the now, but even better with age. Bold, but in check, sensual, these are wines in perfect balance.

Ramey Wine Cellars. Guided by passion and a commitment to goodness in the glass.


  • Año de fundación: 1996
  • N° botellas producidas: 195.000
  • Conducción agronómica: Redwood Empire Vineyard Management (for Westside Farms) Oak Knoll Farming (for Pedregal Vineyard)
  • Nombre contacto en la bodega: Katie Collopy; Jarvis Communications
  • Teléfono: +1.707.433.0870
  • Sitio Internet: https://http://www.rameywine.com/
  • Dirección:
    202 Haydon Street
    95448 California

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