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La terra è l'anima dei nostri vini

La terra è l'anima dei nostri vini

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Italy - Ceretto

ceretto alba san cassiano barolo piemonte winesoundtrack

The excellence of Langhe wines is a complex result, an outcome of the richness of a territory and the skill of wise entrepreneurs who shape it to create a unique products. The secret of success for the Ceretto family lies in many different elements. First and foremost the land and its uniqueness but, it is inot enough; it takes the passion and knowledge of people working the land. It was Riccardo Ceretto, in the 30s, who had the foresight to start producing wines in the area, but it was his sons Bruno and Marcello Ceretto that raised the stakes, starting to buy the most prestigious vineyards in the areas of Barolo and Barbaresco, taking on the challenge to enhance the characteristic quality of the Langhe and the standard of its wines. Currently the winery is run by the 3rd generation, the cousins Lisa, Roberta, Alessandro and Federico who choose a different agricultural approach for the 160 hectars of wineyards. Now, Ceretto’s new way involves non-invasive practices and no use of herbicides or chemicals. 

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Chiara Piccatto
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Conduzione Agronomica: 
Gianluigi Marenco
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Strada Provinciale Alba/Barolo
Località San Cassiano, 34
12051 Alba (CN)