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Legras et Haas - Jérôme Legras

Legras et Haas - Jérôme Legras

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France - Champagne Legras et Haas

champagne legras et haas jerome chouilly france remi brigitte

Observing and perceiving, taking a territory and performing an action to bring forth a great champagne. Such was the remarkable intuition of Brigitte Haas and François Legras. 

After founding the Legras & Haas champagne house in 1991, they continued to pursue an ideal: a range exclusively made up of great champagnes suitable for keeping without giving up immediate enjoyment. Their perseverance in pursuing precision and elegance founded the essence of the house style.

Today, their children interpret this thoroughly thought-out, exacting concept of champagne. Their approach aims for purity: expressing the origins and the essence of fruit with just the right maturity. Their wines are the result of attentive, increasingly manual wine-growing techniques and a close collaboration with wine-growers whose production enriches the family’s supply

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Jérôme Legras
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Rémi & Olivier Legras
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