Michele Chiarlo


Since 1956, Michele Chiarlo has been vinifying the essence of Piedmont, loving and developing the most incredible wine region in the world.

We grow 110 hectares of vineyards between Langhe, Monferrato and Gavi, the finest crus while fully respecting the ecological criteria, the terroir and their expression.

Tradition and Discipline. Lightness and passion. Care for the landscape, art and community. Sustainability and experimentation. With a pop art stroke and a carefree touch

Pietro Chiarlo was born into a farming family in Bubbio, in 1898. As an adolescent, he worked as a farmhand and then the winery in Canelli, where he was assigned to washing the muslin bags used to filter Moscato.


  • Bottiglie prodotte: 1.100.000
  • Conduzione Agronomica: Stefno Chiarlo
  • Contatto azienda: Stefano Chiarlo
  • Telefono: +39 0141 769030
  • Sito web: https://www.michelechiarlo.it/
  • Indirizzo:

    Michele Chiarlo SRL
    S.S. Nizza Canelli, 99
    14042 Calamandrana


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