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Clarice Wine So.


Clarice Wine Company is a new and truly unique type of winery, combining aspects of an online wine community, a wine education website, and a limited-enrollment wine club. Members of the Clarice Wine Community have the opportunity to interact with fellow members, sharing wine opinions and wine list guidance, as well as recommendations for wine travel, restaurants, hotels, events and more. 

Clarice Wine Community Members gain exclusive access to Wine Industry Leaders from all fields of the wine business, enjoying the opportunity to interact with them in a private and intimate forum. 

A members-only section of the Clarice website offers a growing library of wine education and information articles authored by Clarice winemaker Adam Lee and fellow industry leaders on subjects ranging from vineyard acquisition and grape growing to winemaking and wine trends.

 As part of the Clarice Wine Community, members enjoy two exclusive parties a year, one focusing on the Clairce Pinot Noirs and the other spotlighting a fellow winemaker and their wines, during which members will learn about their viticulture and winemaking, taste their wines, and receive special discounts. Finally, members receive a case of Clarice Pinot Noir as part of their membership.  


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