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La Perla, Miravalle and Chevalier three places and the art of making wine!!!

La Perla, Miravalle and Chevalier three places and the art of making wine!!!

Justin, a French-American national raised in Marin County, California, joined the SMV team in 2014. His father, a chef and restaurateur, exposed him early and often to fine food and wine. Moments shared with friends around a great meal sparked his interest in wine. He graduated cum laude from Loyola Marymount University in Political Science and French in 2009. After graduation he headed to France where he worked several consecutive harvests, first at Chateau D’Esclans and then at Chateau Les Trois Croix in Bordeaux. 

In 2014 Justin completed the Brevet de Technicien Superieur degree for Enology and Viticulture, having balanced for two years his technical studies with full time cellar and vineyard immersion at Domaine Faiveley in Burgundy. 

“Great wine is a combination of place, vintage and the people behind it. Enjoying great wine enables us to look back and remember what it was like at that particular moment in time.”

Justin is an avid trail runner and cyclist. He enjoys cooking, theater, movies and travel. He lives in Petaluma with his fiancée, Jessica.

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Spring Mountain Vineyard

spring mountain napa california pinot noir sparkling

The new Spring Mountain Vineyard was once three separate properties each with its own vineyard and winery: Spring Mountain Vineyards (Miravalle) 257 acres, Chateau Chevalier (Chevalier) 120 acres, and Draper Vineyards (La Perla) 435 acres.

The upper most property on the estate, La Perla, was founded in 1873 by Charles Lemme and expanded by the Schilling Spice family. Originally 285 acres it had the first Cabernet Sauvignon planted on Spring Mountain. The old winery remains today along with much of its original equipment and horse drawn carriages and wagons. Immediately below La Perla, and eventually added to it was the first vineyard planted by Fredrick and Jacob Beringer in 1882. These terraced hillsides were planted in a wide assortment of grape varieties to support the Beringer brothers fledgling winery.

Adjoining to the north of the Beringer vineyard was a Frenchman, Fortune Chevalier, whose stone winery, Chateau Chevalier, was making wine in 1891. And finally, next door to Chevalier was Tiburcio Parrott who grew olives, citrus and grapes. Parrott built a grand home on the estate which he named Miravalle.

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