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Our focus is on limited-edition...

Our focus is on limited-edition...

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Byron Blatty

byron blatty mark jenny california los angeles bordeaux rhone

At Byron Blatty our focus is on limited-edition, handcrafted red wines that feature sustainably farmed, family-owned vineyards in Los Angeles County. All of our fruit is handpicked, fermented in small open-top bins, and aged in a mixture of new and neutral French and American oak barrels for 18 - 33 months. The result is a selection of powerful, balanced wines with bold flavors and extraordinary nuance, showcasing the best of what L.A. has to offer. If terroir is a sense of place and the expression of its character, Los Angeles has never been expressed this way before…

Before Napa Valley and Sonoma County became synonymous with wine country, Los Angeles was the center of California’s wine trade. In the late 1800s, vineyards lined the banks of the LA River and dotted the area, supplying the grapes for the finest wines in the state. But by the early 1930s, the impact of the Gold Rush, an outbreak of Pierce's disease, and the scourge of Prohibition had nearly wiped out LA’s vineyards, which were converted to citrus groves, replanted to other crops, or cleared for urban development.

In the decades since, a mere few vineyards have been planted, by those who know that Los Angeles is still capable of producing world-class wines. Each of these sites is unique in its altitude, soil type, exposure, and overall climate, yet common among them is the magnificent sunshine that graces the region year round.


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