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Pinot noir...our passion!!!

Pinot noir...our passion!!!

The 4 seasons, 5 elements and6 senses of Pinot Noir.Explore the Terroir
At Inman Family Wines we practice sensitive farming and natural winemaking, growing grapes and making wine in Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley.

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california inmanfamily santa rosa napa creek napa pinot noir

The alchemy of the elements created our beautiful and unique estate vineyard, Olivet Grange. Winemaker Kathleen Inman brings a "sixth sense" to the creation of unique blends, elegant to the palate.

As a third-generation Napa Valley native, it’s no surprise that Kathleen developed an interest in wine. However, it wasn’t until she attended a wine tasting seminar as a college student at UC Santa Barbara that she took an active interest in her revered grape: Pinot Noir. When she returned home to Napa in the summer before her junior year, she took a job at Napa Creek Winery, which was a small startup winery on the Silverado Trail.

At Napa Creek Winery, she had the opportunity to lead tours and perform various tasks in the cellar. This video shows that her love of gardening began at an early age when she helped her father in their home garden and her grandmother in her garden and orchard.

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