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Rock-grown Oregon Pinot Noir

Rock-grown Oregon Pinot Noir

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Le Cadeau Vineyard

Le Cadeau Winery Tom Mortimor Willamette Valley Oregon Winesoundtrack

From the beginning, the character of Le Cadeau Vineyard was apparent. The aromatics were fresh and intense. The fruit flavors were pure and deep. There were hints of Asian spices mingled with an earthiness not often found in young Pinot noir wines. Those core characteristics remain today, regardless of the vintage or the winemaking.

Truly extraordinary winemakers from Oregon and beyond have collaborated with Le Cadeau and made excellent wines, but increasingly the adage rings true: Great Pinot noir is made in the vineyard. New clones and rootstocks have been added while farming practices have been pushed to ever-higher standards. As we move into our second decade of winegrowing in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, we’re confident that our best wines are yet to come.

Le Cadeau Pinot noir is all about this very special and unique vineyard in the Chehalem Mountains. We showcase various attributes of the vineyard–clones, soils, and aspect–by bottling small production cuveés from different sections of the vineyard.

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Min Grey
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Jim Sanders & Steve Ryan
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1326 N Hwy 99W, Suite 101
Dundee, OR 97115