Artisans of Barossa

Artisans of Barossa was formed in 2005 with a clearly stated aim; to protect and promote the art of small batch Barossa winemaking. A positive statement of purpose, but also one implying an intent to resist the drift towards commercialisation of wine, which threatens to reduce the selection on offer to a narrow bandwidth of varietals and stylistic expressions. A beige coloured and vanilla flavoured world of wine that promises supreme reliability, but one that is frustratingly boring!

To be an Artisan is very much about setting your own path, driven by a human desire to explore, experiment and to express ourselves. To create and share things shaped in our mind and made by our own hands from local produce for the enjoyment of others, often proffered with a simple “I made this, please enjoy”. A tinge of pride yes, but hubris never.

Working together, the collaboration of John Duval Wines, Spinifex Wines, Purple Hands Winery, Lienert Vineyards, The Chaffey Bros. Wine Co., Schwarz Wine Co., Hobbs of Barossa Ranges and Sons of Eden will connect you with an opportunity to explore the extraordinary breadth of possibility that is Barossa wine. And through that experience we’ll challenge you to embrace new favourites, and facilitate the gradual getting of wisdom. To be more adventuresome in your approach, and to have a better understanding of what Barossa wine represents.  Because we want Artisans to serve as a your door to our wonderful life as a small producer living and crafting wine in this amazing place.

Our new tasting room and restaurant will open at Tanunda in the Barossa Valley in September 2021.

  • Name of Company contact: Howard Duncan
  • Telephone: +61 08 85633935
  • Website:
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    Artisans of Barossa
    24 Vine Vale Road
    Tanunda, South Australia

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