Munda Wines

Munda Wines stands as an Indigenous-owned enterprise proudly holding verified Supply Nation status. Pauly Vandenbergh, the Director hailing from Ceduna, is a proud member of the Wirangu and Kokatha people, whose ancestral language defines "munda" as the sacred essence of land or country. The mission of Munda Wines is rooted in sharing the profound narrative of the land and the intricate processes that give life to the wines they proudly present.

As Aboriginal people, we don't claim ownership of the Munda. We view Munda as our nurturing mother and provider, believing that by caring for munda, it reciprocates that care. Across the vast expanse of this Munda now known as Australia, there exist over 500 distinct countries and language groups, each contributing to the rich tapestry of our collective heritage.

The Australian Wine Industry encompasses more than 2,100 wineries spread across 60 regions, each intricately weaving their narrative around shared attributes and unique selling points. These regions, known as Geographic Indicators (GI), were initially described during European colonization. It is crucial to recognize that beneath these GIs lies a foundation deeply rooted in the stories and heritage of First Nation's Peoples, with a history stretching back over 65,000 years.

Presently, the industry crushes over 2 million tonnes, exports surpassing $2.6 billion, and caters to a well-educated domestic market that is rapidly evolving, driven by a growing appetite for authentic narratives. Despite employing over 150,000 individuals, Indigenous representation remains notably limited.

Our vineyard sourcing reflects our philosophy of firstly no ownership of country but selecting some of the finest vineyard sites in the country that best reflect its unique munda (land/country/terroir).

  • Number of bottles produced: 19.200
  • In charge of vineyard management: Renae Hirsch, Damien Smith, Pauly Vandenbergh
  • Name of Company contact: Pauly Vandenbergh
  • Telephone: +61 0427 178 833
  • Website:
  • Address:

    Munda Wines
    Seaview Crescent , 13
    Panorama, 5041
    South Australia

The winery

"Munda" as the sacred essence of land or country Pauly Vandenbergh

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