Seabrook’s wine story is over 140 years old. It all began in 1878 when William Seabrook (W.J.) established a wine merchant business in Melbourne, W.J. Seabrook & Son. This business survived four generations and 100 years of trading. Fittingly, each of the four wines in the 'Generations' collection pay tribute to a family member who played a role in keeping these merchant doors open, and whom ultimately became leaders in the wine community through sharing knowledge and mentoring newcomers.

The narrative has evolved over the years, and today the Seabrook label is Hamish and Jo’s family vigneron brand with Hamish the first winemaker in a long line of wine merchants. He is fifth generation Seabrook, and knowledge and respect from his forebears is evident in his wines and ethos. Its a balance of looking forward to the future, whilst reflecting and respecting the foundations laid down of generations before.

Seabrooks 'Lineage' label represents the unbroken line of Seabrook’s in the wine industry - connecting our bloodline from the past, the present and hopefully the future.
Hamish and Jo live on their 20 acre estate vineyard Home Block which is nurtured and managed by them. Hamish applies a hands on approach across all aspects of the business and although life is busy, he wouldn’t have it any other way. The vines are nurtured throughout the year to produce high quality fruit. Hamish's passion for single vineyard wines and their expression of place shines through to the winemaking. He firmly believes that wine is made in the vineyard, and his role of winemaker is to preserve their personality and character. He has no set formula for making wines but rather is guided by mother nature, with the aspiration to produce wines true to varietal, vineyard, and vintage.
Wines that are made in the old world method with soft plush tannins, using predominantly old barrels to age the different wine varieties. 

At the moment future projects include reworking the Cabernet Sauvignon rows that have eutypa (dead arm) and looking to graft a few rows over to different varieties that we currently source from smaller growers. Incorporating a B&B into the vineyard tasting room.
The features of the tasting room include the beautiful 1870 cottage that has been lovingly preserved with historical Seabrook family memorabilia and the beautiful outdoor decking overlooking the vineyards with relaxed wine tastings and small events.

  • Number of bottles produced: 360.000
  • In charge of vineyard management: Hamish Seabrook & Heidenreich Vineyard Management
  • Name of Company contact: Ben Collett
  • Telephone: +61 8 8563 0368
  • Website:
  • Address:

    Seabrook Wines 
    1122 Light Pass Rd 
    South Australia 5352 Australia

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Seabrook’s wine story is over 140 years old, Hamish Seabrook

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