Hossfeld Vineyard

The Hossfeld site is 20-acres of grapevines with 8 unique blocks, each with a different exposure.  Our farming is done in house so we can control quality and quantity. We put our Hossfeld culture in agriculture, respecting the synergy of nature and sustainable farming with undeveloped meadows, insectaries and native forest.  Our goal is to respect the local biodiversity and create a balance between native flora and fauna and the vineyard, so we can farm in harmony. As stewards of this unique piece of land, we are organically certified and look forward to farming it for generations to come. 

Founded in 1981 by Henry and Susan Hossfeld, this mountain top lay wild and overgrown with native flora and fauna, with lots and lots of poison oak. The afternoon breeze, pure bedrock soil and incredible location seemed sure to grow premium hillside grapes. Our site is rocky, so much so our parents had to use dynamite to fragment the rock to create each individual plant hole and to sculpt the hillside into our signature rocky terraces.  They would drive their VW Rabbit to the neighboring county to buy blasting caps, gunpowder and dynamite sticks to set off on the weekends whilst maintaining their full-time jobs. With a clear vision, trash can lids as helmets and a passion to become grape growers, our parents created one of the most extreme mountain terraced vineyards.

We are blessed to make our wine from our estate site, which focuses our vision and allows meticulous control over every step of the wine's growing and making.
Our winemaking goal is to allow the power and the beauty of the Hossfeld site to continue through to the wine. We get full extraction of flavor from the grapes and along with the vineyard's retention of acidity, we are able to achieve ripeness without saturation. We strive to make wines that are concentrated while maintaining balance. With a limitation of sulfur and an intention towards ageing, our wines are composed of mountain tannin, robust fruit and a finish as long as the view.

 Hossfeld Vineyards is: Lucia Hossfeld, Hayley Hossfeld and Chad McComber



  • Number of bottles produced: 2.400
  • In charge of vineyard management: Lucia Hossfeld
  • Name of Company contact: Chad McComber
  • Telephone: +1 707 492 5465
  • Website: https://www.hossfeldvineyards.com/
  • Address:

    Hossfeld Vienyards
    1250 Loma Vista
    Npa CA 94558 USA

The winery

We put our Hossfeld culture in agriculture Chad McComber

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