This land has an identity.   These mountains, this soil, the rocks, the quality of air and the wind. All these traits contribute to a character unique to this very part of the earth. Our goal as a family is to work with nature, through farming and crafting wines, and to preserve this identity in wines that express this very site.

The personality of this land was first recognized when Gary Pisoni began planting grapes in 1982 — some of the very first in this region. Each year we learn more about the characteristics of our vineyards, farming and winemaking to steadily improve the sustainability of what we do, and the wines we strive to create.

We approach winemaking as an art, a science, and a craft. As such, from planting to pruning to harvesting, we work by hand, in accordance both with Burgundian tradition and our own ongoing understanding of what will best sustain this land we love and respect.

  • Year founded: 1982
  • Number of bottles produced: 72.000
  • In charge of vineyard management: Mark Pisoni
  • Name of Company contact: Jeff Pisoni
  • Telephone: +1.831.675.7500
  • Website:
  • Address:

    P.O.Box 908


    93926 California


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