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The name Thorn-Clarke derives literally from the relationship of two long time Barossa families. Back in the1870’s, the Thorn’s ancestors settled on the fruit farm that would nurture some of the region’s oldest vineyards along with six generations of viticulturists. The Clarke’s, meanwhile, discovered a different treasure buried in the bounteous Barossa soil: the region’s first gold mine.

Now, call it luck. Call it mere coincidence, if you wish but 100 years later, the two sides came together in a union that created our family, our winery and, some might say, our destiny: to produce wines worthy of gold.

In 1987, David and Cheryl Clarke bought their first property, Kabininge, near Tanunda. The family started to plant vines and it could all have ended right there. As the baby vines grew, David and Cheryl’s kids, Sam and Nicole, were conscripted to help water, prune and pick, all by hand. These were the hard yards.

This is when Cheryl took charge and called in her family, the Thorns. Her father, Ron, and her brothers soon had the vineyard in premium condition, and it started to bear fruit - very good fruit, in fact - a tribute to David’s site selection and the Thorns’ vineyard management.

For over 10 years, the vineyards developed a fine reputation and the fruit was sold to neighbouring winemakers, who turned it into award-winning wines. This was pleasing, but hardly fulfilling.

The leap of faith was taken with the 1998 vintage - small batches of Shiraz were made through to wine - and so began the Thorn-Clarke story.

Now, more than 20 years later, the Thorn-Clarke family are custodians of 240 hectares of vineyard that includes holdings in some of the most southerly and northerly sites in the Barossa region. The long family history of viticulture and geology also imparts a deep understanding and respect for the incredible diversity of Barossa soils and the impact this diversity has on the characteristics of finished wines.

  • In charge of vineyard management: Steve Fiebiger
  • Name of Company contact: Brooke Bauer
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    Thorn - Clarke Wines 
    266 Gawler Park Road
    Angaston South Australia 5353

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The name Thorn-Clarke derives literally from the relationship of two long time Barossa families, Sam Clarke

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